Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions:
Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions or commonly known as ERP is a perfect and integrated system that allows easy and systematic management of resources like tangible assets, materials, human resources that form the core foundation of any company. Right from workflow management to payroll management, the centralized server will efficiently manage your data.
Financial Accounting:
Finance is an integral part of any business firm, be it big or small, we offer flexible financial accounting software that includes daily operations like General ledger, cash management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets to complex issues like Project management (billing, costing, estimates).
Client Relations Management:
The centralized record management makes for perfect client handling and the data is readily available for better customer service and client handling. Apart from the call center support services, it is also useful for maintaining customer details, Sales and marketing and so forth.
Excise Documentation:
It takes care of your excise documentation like Excise Invoicing, Registers, Inventory Reports, reports for exporters and importers, Reports for Labor Job Units and other important aspects.
Sales & Inventory Management:
Sales and inventory play a crucial role and maintaining exact and updated data is vital. Our tool is effective in variety of firms, be it a singular site or network across multiple locations, all can be managed in an easy and hassle-free manner.
Clinical Management:
Clinical data management offers a comprehensive system that offers extensive data management and covers areas like clinical trial data, patient information, data coding, Electronic data capture and much more.
Payroll Management System:
Human capital or labor is an integral part common to all firms and companies. The Payroll Management System or module is an automatic process that gathers employee data like attendance, taxes and deductions and other relevant data and calculates exact salaries. The system is aligned and in sync with the existing management network.
Contact Management:
Contact Management is an effective tool that aids the sales and marketing department. You can acquire new clients through direct marketing; enhance the existing customer service in conjunction with sales team and identify loyal and frequent customers and buying patterns.
Sales and Inventory
Finance Accounting
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